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She is sixteen on 10 june 2011 . Sorry guys , i dont have a superdupergreat blog as yours . Just still read it and follow mine . For the bitch , do shut your ugly mouth . Oh hye bloggers ! :D

My mistakes

"You can choose to be happy or sad and whichever you choose that is what you get. No one is really responsible to make someone else happy, no matter what most people have been taught and accept as true."

Okay you're right . Everyone is right . Sorry yang terasa about last friday . I was still not afford to smile . I try but i cant . I was not answering my Math Paper . Because of this . Sorry . I guess it explains much .  That i was in terrible . Like okay i was crying the whole day . Sorry if certain people je Fatin cerita . Try to understand if you were in my shoes guys . I was still not afford to smile . Not afford to tell people about this . I just need a hug . Thanks for those who lend me their hug . And for those yang rasa i was rude that time . Im sorry . I dont need people on that time . I was need alone . And i didnt told anyone about this . Except Acha . Cos entah lah . Taktau kenapa . Tapi percayalah . I tried to tell everyone . Semua orang kawan Fatin . Fatin sayang semua . Fatin tak bagitau bukan bermakna Fatin tak percayakan korang . Fatin ada sebab tersendiri .  Fatin malu sangat . Korang perfect . Fatin try nak bagitau korang . Tapi Fatin tak kuat masa tu . Fatin just need alone je . I was crying . Thats why i need alone . Fatin perlu masa nak chill kan diri Fatin . Fatin perlu masa . Bukan Fatin tak percayakan korang . Fatin sayang semua kawan kawan Fatin  . Trust me yah ? Thanks sangat sebab jadik kawan yang baik for Fatin . Kawan yang faham Fatin . Yang care pasal Fatin . Thank sebab sayang Fatin . Iloveyou sangat :*