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She is sixteen on 10 june 2011 . Sorry guys , i dont have a superdupergreat blog as yours . Just still read it and follow mine . For the bitch , do shut your ugly mouth . Oh hye bloggers ! :D

Demam denggi :(

Bloggers ! lama nyaa tak update kehkeh :p

Okay a few days ni demam terulk . Pegi hospital , doctor cakap suspect denggi . Like seriously ? :O  memang makan ubat je lah kan . Tak makan langsung nasi ke apa . Brr . Okay ni baru balik jumpa doctor lagi ni . Getting better lah jugak harhar .

Okay baru balik breakfast jugak ni . Dengan Amir Sayang . Thanks lah kan Huneybunch i tuu . I tengah demam demam , ada jugak orang nak bawak makan . Kihkih :p  Now , i kan rumah Sara with Acha gendut ni haa . Naaaaaaaaaaah , act dorang dah lama dah kat sini . Faten je lambat pfftt jealous nyaaaa . Scha was here tadi . Now dah balik . Sempat jugak cium tangan tadi hahaha . Okay dah stop.

Oh semalam pergi tengok dorm kakak . Gila seram . Dekat dengan hutan . Tapi okay lah , dekat lah jugak dengan kolej . And and , i'll gonna miss you kakak . Bulan 7 nak dekat dah :')

Besok Chemistry . And cuak nyaaaa . Takut sangat . I do love chemist but im not so sure about the result yet . Sure susah kan ? Faten bukan macam budak Cendikia yang study all the time . Buat homework all the time . Haihh macamana lah dorang bahagi kan masa dorang nak texting dgn boyfie and nak makan and else eh? Jealous nyaaaa -.-

hey baru 15 minit yang lalu jumpa Huneybunch . I miss him lah . Okay bye :*


Saya sayang boyfriend saya . Amir Adzuwan Shamsudin tu saya punya . Sayang sangat . Dan Amir tau tuuuu . Dia pun sayang saya . Okay bye muah muah haha :*

This is true :')

Friendship often ends in love . But love in friendship .....


And ..

I miss the moment that we're just friends . In our class :')

We're twins :p

We're just dont know what to do last night . I've got a bad flu last night . And i was still studying my Engineering Drawing . Even i can't focus on it kihkih . and naaaaaaaaaah , inilah hasilnya apabila kami keboringan . Har har . Annoyed kan ? eleh dah tau dah leeewwwwwww :p  We've got a lot of similarity isn't us ? Harhar definitely ! Kan adik beradik puuuunnnngggg :p

Bad flu -.-

Hey . Its 4 pm now . School . Suck . I've got a bad fever. And i dont have an appetite to eat . but im hungry . What the fudge ? i have no appetite either . Right now i just ate a lot of bread . Bcos i love them :*

Okay i was not answering my Lk's Paper . I was sneezing for a few times . Not . Many times . Shit . I hate sneezing -.-  I just answered 3 question i guess . How terrible i am -.-

Er ? Pelik nya muka . Scary -.-  Okay membajet je tuh :p

I texted Kakak to fetch me from school as i was not able to walk by myself . Kakak cant fetching me . Amir gave me a text , and said that he will be there to fetch me . Oh i was just sent to the wrong person . So it meant that i sent to 2 persons that i love so much :*

Amir came to school with Kakak bcos i need to get the permission to back home . Kakak came to my class . And i went to Amir's car . And  Kakak went to office to get the permission . Well Amir berleter kahkah . Bcos i went to school in a bad condition . Yeah man , i did slept at his car . Kakak have a talk to Amir . And he sent us back home .

Thanks sayang . You're the greatest . The bestest . The one that always be there when i need so much . Thanks a lot . I love you so much Mr Bie Power Rangers Sayang :*

Im not a puppet -.-

Today is thursday . And I’m still sitting my examination . I never thought that form 4 is a bit hard . I mean , well three weeks tuu . So busy lah . When I was in form 3 , form 2 and form 1 , We never entertained like this before . When I am in form 4 , the Examination that I have to sit will be 3 weeks . Torture nyaaa . How could ? Bole tension macamni . Kakak said that when I will be in form 5 , I will have to sit the examinataion in 1 month ! Oh my god , how could they survive on it ? -.-

Kay I was sitting my Sejarah's Paper just now . A bit hard lah as I was not studying anything kihkih . I was not in myself today . I mean this morning . Cos something was happened . And im not so mad lah , everyone do have the mistakes kan . Dah lah :)

I don’t even know what was wrong with me today . Okay let me tell you , I don’t even know myself . I mean , I was a bit annoyed today . Only certain people saw that . I know you were talking about me . And just like I care ? Well , I just need you say that to my face . I could felt that when I came there , you were said something . Oh thanks a lot . You were so shuuuweeeet . But I don’t need that . So tired to care about your feelings . And what about mine ? You did the same things huh ? Not . Well I knew the answer already . Thanks a lot baby . I hate being my old Fatin . The one that kept hiding her feeling .  Hey , I’m not a puppet . I’m a human . Please ? I can’t be like before anymore . Everyone keep saying that to me .  Never want to avoid from you . I just want to be myself . Not the old one . I can’t easily let you step mine . I do have my feeling . That people need to care about . Why do I have to care yours and you didn’t do the same things ? Then who am I ? Sorry for being weird nowadays . It’s not that I was rude. Just give me a time . Just a little bit more . Thanks . I know I’m terrible , I know I’m a bad person . Thanks to those understands me well . Iloveyou :*

Hisyam's birthdaaaaaay :D

Today is Hisyam's birthdaaaaay ! Well Hisyam is the boy .  The one that not wearing the Tudung . Okay ? Sara is the one that wearing the tudung . She's not Hisyam . She's Sara . Get it ? Kehkeh :p

Well today is his birthday . And Sara was the one who planned to celebrate it . Sampai buat video bagai haha . Oh how sweet :')

Kay she told us about this just yesterday . As she's so excited , we're just like . Whoa okay hahaha . And todaaaaaaaaaaay , Ainul stayed at my house . Our LK classes that should be held this evening was postpone . Acha was stayed at Scha's House . Acha and Scha went to somewhere to buy the cake . Then four of us went to Sara's house . Ibu sent us to Hidangan Ummi . Some of Amir's friends were there . And also the Hisyam . Okay have a chat . Then potong cake , then okaaaaaaaaaaay Sara and Hisyam were forced by us to makan suap suap . Kahkahkah sweet nya dorang . I did recorded it . At Amir's phone . Hahah kelakar lah . Bahan Sara sampai muka dye merah tuuuuuuuu .

Eh sweet apa , Teko and Peko . Whooaaa haha . Amir cant sent me to Primas . He sent me home to take my Lk bag . Then went to Bakery . To make some revision about Lk . I have to sit the exam besok laaaah -.-

Okay went to Bakery with Ainul and Zack . Shit . Instruments tertinggal pulak -.-
Balik je lah kan haihh . Ainul went to Marias with Zack . Then blah blah . Study Lk sorang sorang sudahnya weh haha .

Okay today is thursday . The day that i supposed to study wth some of the seniors from LK Class . And everything was ruined . Thanks . Urrgghhh -.-

Okay i dont know why . I keep missing my HuneyBunch lah nowadays :*

Im a bad blooger -.-

Monday , 16/5 .

Bored . Like seriously bored . I want to online ! I dont know what to do right now . Maybe I just could be like this for a few days . As both of my parents are going to the outstation . Oh I miss them already . Eceh Faten , macam tak biasa kan . Okay Ma went to the outstation on this morning . The same time that I went to school . Abah also . Went to work at early In the morning . Okay both of my parents are so busy on their work . And I don’t know what to do right now . eh I miss to outing with my family lah . Okay they wIll says that they're so busy . Doesn’t have much time nak keluar keluar ni . Okay Imma be speechless then . Well , I need my family right now . Kakak also kerja . Everyone is busy on their own work . Ala tak best nyaaa . Just me , Mimi and Najmi at home right now . Everyday is the same . The same person at the same places . At evenIng , everyone is not at home . Najmi go out wif hIs friends , Mimi go to school . And me ? Yeah ofc keluar jugak . Mana boleh tahan terperap je kat rumah ni -.-

Well , I miss them . Oh forgot . Kakak got a letter . It’s from KPJ . And she will be there on 1st of July . Oh I'll gonna miss you kakak . My bestie forever tuh :') Then kakak won’t be able to watch me at Hari Sukan lah kan kakak ? Alaaa , Amir datang kakak pulak tak de . Tak best nyaa . Kay whatever . Gedik je ni asal ?

Okay Im bored right now . And I really really do . bila nak bayaaaaaaaar ? :(  Kenapa ma pergi lama sangat ? Then you won’t be able to pay lah kan . Huwaaa :'(  Ma suruh onlIne , sebab nak chat nanti dye boring . Katanya . Tapi dye yang tak bayar , nak marah pulak . Sabar je laaah haihh . And I just write this post on my wordpad only . And I’ll paste it later to my blog . Once I get to online back . Kahkah :p

Okaaaaaaaaaaay . Nak main game ah . Powerpuffgirl here I coooooooommeeeee ! Kihkih bye I miss all of you :*

Sakit -.-

Sakit badan doh . Kenapa niiii ? Okay sebab main skates ke ? gila . Tak de ah jatuh mana pun . eh alamak , kredit takde . And i am so very bored lah kawan . Tak texting , online pun tak . Nak tidur tak dapat . Study ? Haram . Hahah . Okay bye nak betulkan kepala . Dah bengong kahkah . Iloveyou :*

Smile is the bestest :p

I've got a big smile for my face todaaaaaaaaaay ! Hahahihihuhuhohohehe macam orang gila dah ni kahkah . Happy weh . Ada big smile lagi weh . Samapi telinga aku senyum weh . Hahahaha woof woof Fatin gilaaa hahah :D