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She is sixteen on 10 june 2011 . Sorry guys , i dont have a superdupergreat blog as yours . Just still read it and follow mine . For the bitch , do shut your ugly mouth . Oh hye bloggers ! :D

Hisyam's birthdaaaaaay :D

Today is Hisyam's birthdaaaaay ! Well Hisyam is the boy .  The one that not wearing the Tudung . Okay ? Sara is the one that wearing the tudung . She's not Hisyam . She's Sara . Get it ? Kehkeh :p

Well today is his birthday . And Sara was the one who planned to celebrate it . Sampai buat video bagai haha . Oh how sweet :')

Kay she told us about this just yesterday . As she's so excited , we're just like . Whoa okay hahaha . And todaaaaaaaaaaay , Ainul stayed at my house . Our LK classes that should be held this evening was postpone . Acha was stayed at Scha's House . Acha and Scha went to somewhere to buy the cake . Then four of us went to Sara's house . Ibu sent us to Hidangan Ummi . Some of Amir's friends were there . And also the Hisyam . Okay have a chat . Then potong cake , then okaaaaaaaaaaay Sara and Hisyam were forced by us to makan suap suap . Kahkahkah sweet nya dorang . I did recorded it . At Amir's phone . Hahah kelakar lah . Bahan Sara sampai muka dye merah tuuuuuuuu .

Eh sweet apa , Teko and Peko . Whooaaa haha . Amir cant sent me to Primas . He sent me home to take my Lk bag . Then went to Bakery . To make some revision about Lk . I have to sit the exam besok laaaah -.-

Okay went to Bakery with Ainul and Zack . Shit . Instruments tertinggal pulak -.-
Balik je lah kan haihh . Ainul went to Marias with Zack . Then blah blah . Study Lk sorang sorang sudahnya weh haha .

Okay today is thursday . The day that i supposed to study wth some of the seniors from LK Class . And everything was ruined . Thanks . Urrgghhh -.-

Okay i dont know why . I keep missing my HuneyBunch lah nowadays :*