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She is sixteen on 10 june 2011 . Sorry guys , i dont have a superdupergreat blog as yours . Just still read it and follow mine . For the bitch , do shut your ugly mouth . Oh hye bloggers ! :D

Im a bad blooger -.-

Monday , 16/5 .

Bored . Like seriously bored . I want to online ! I dont know what to do right now . Maybe I just could be like this for a few days . As both of my parents are going to the outstation . Oh I miss them already . Eceh Faten , macam tak biasa kan . Okay Ma went to the outstation on this morning . The same time that I went to school . Abah also . Went to work at early In the morning . Okay both of my parents are so busy on their work . And I don’t know what to do right now . eh I miss to outing with my family lah . Okay they wIll says that they're so busy . Doesn’t have much time nak keluar keluar ni . Okay Imma be speechless then . Well , I need my family right now . Kakak also kerja . Everyone is busy on their own work . Ala tak best nyaaa . Just me , Mimi and Najmi at home right now . Everyday is the same . The same person at the same places . At evenIng , everyone is not at home . Najmi go out wif hIs friends , Mimi go to school . And me ? Yeah ofc keluar jugak . Mana boleh tahan terperap je kat rumah ni -.-

Well , I miss them . Oh forgot . Kakak got a letter . It’s from KPJ . And she will be there on 1st of July . Oh I'll gonna miss you kakak . My bestie forever tuh :') Then kakak won’t be able to watch me at Hari Sukan lah kan kakak ? Alaaa , Amir datang kakak pulak tak de . Tak best nyaa . Kay whatever . Gedik je ni asal ?

Okay Im bored right now . And I really really do . bila nak bayaaaaaaaar ? :(  Kenapa ma pergi lama sangat ? Then you won’t be able to pay lah kan . Huwaaa :'(  Ma suruh onlIne , sebab nak chat nanti dye boring . Katanya . Tapi dye yang tak bayar , nak marah pulak . Sabar je laaah haihh . And I just write this post on my wordpad only . And I’ll paste it later to my blog . Once I get to online back . Kahkah :p

Okaaaaaaaaaaay . Nak main game ah . Powerpuffgirl here I coooooooommeeeee ! Kihkih bye I miss all of you :*