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Fatin is

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She is sixteen on 10 june 2011 . Sorry guys , i dont have a superdupergreat blog as yours . Just still read it and follow mine . For the bitch , do shut your ugly mouth . Oh hye bloggers ! :D

Spect :O

Okay i am too lazy for study right now  . Okay bye . Waiting for tomorrow . Teacher's day yeah ! Freedom lah jugak . Tak exam kan haha . Okay lepas tu sambung balik -.-

I don't know what to do right now . I just texting , and drawing . Kihkih boring lah . Ni cartoon takde hidung pun i cakap comel xD

Oh forgot . Mum suggested me to wearing a spectacles . Its not that i don't want lah . I just er okay everyone knows that i am a careless girl kan . So nanti hilang mcmana ? Kahkah alasan lew tuww :p
As i kan a bit rabun kan , thats why lah . Eh wait . Dah la braces then spect pulak . Er okaaaaaay . Haha ala , I'm not so rabun pun . A bit je pun . So far ni , bole copy buku Sara lagi kihkih .

Okay since tadi nak bye kan pfftt . Okay bye i miss him bye :*

Okay bye i miss my huneybunch bye :*