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She is sixteen on 10 june 2011 . Sorry guys , i dont have a superdupergreat blog as yours . Just still read it and follow mine . For the bitch , do shut your ugly mouth . Oh hye bloggers ! :D

Teacher's Day

Today is Teacher's Day celebration at our school .  Like every year , we watched the perfomance by the students . Not to forget , Kau bagus were so great . Even there's some mistakes by them . And some of my girls were so happy . Kan Acha , kan Sara , kan Ainul ? Kahkah . Okay i think more often than not , its we . The students who get entertained by these performance more than the teachers . Student's performance usually cater for students interest . That make sense , does it not ? And i love the performance so much hehe .

Okay then take some pictures for my friends . Oh i wish to be like them . Like everyone has the partners :')
After most of all the performances were finished , went to Pondok thet nearby the canteen with Sara , Syamira , Acha , Ainul . then Hisyam came to accompany Sara . Oh how sweet they were . You guys should look at their photos . Awwwwhhhh :D  Acha and Mirul also , Ainul and Zack also . Me ? Kihkih not now la derr :p

Oh ! Now , i would like to wish a very much thanks to all the persons that i called them 'Teachers' . Thank you very much teachers . Thank you for your kindness you've showed to us . Thank a lot . And i love you Teachers :*

Okay gotta go . Bye I miss you so very much :')